My dog penetrated me last night on accident?

Well u know, I was doing the laundry and all of sudden I slipped then he started humping me and his thingy got caught in my thong and I guess u can know what happens next. Should I put him to sleep?


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hahahah that's hilarious

Jan 29 at 6:1

don't worry, he won't tell anybody... no need to kill him.

Jan 29 at 9:47

your dog dun goofed


Jan 29 at 13:56

I think you need to come have a talk with me

Jan 29 at 18:29

Get a hobby; you're sick.

Jan 29 at 23:24

Another Troll from Cuckoo land that needs to get a life!

Jan 30 at 4:42

no not at all you shouldnt kill him its your fault not of him because he is animal

Jan 30 at 10:23

I am disappoint.

Jan 30 at 16:28