Why does my dog rub and drags her butt against the floor?

I have a 1 year 8 month old shepard mix lab. For some reason she puts her butt against the floor/carpet and rubs and starts to drag it against the floor. She does constantly across the room as long as its carpeted. Does anyone know why a dog would do that. She's fixed since she was 5 or 6 month old and she doesn't go into menstration. Does anyone know what the reason could be?


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Itchy butt. Could be the diet.

May 10 at 0:40

that's usually a sign that they have worms

May 10 at 4:26

that's usually a sign that she has worms

May 10 at 8:35

Worms.... Vet.... NOW

May 10 at 13:7

She may need her anal glands expressed or she might have worms. It's best to see the vet.

May 10 at 18:3

maybe her butt itches but you should have her check for worms because that is a sign she might have worms take her to the vet for a stool sample

May 10 at 23:21

1) anal glands are plugged up

2) Tapeworms

3) fleas walking around the rear

4) it just feels good

All are possibilities or it could be combination - see your Vet

May 11 at 5:2

Hi if u do not want to bring her to a vet yet, u may want to try to give her the right dosage of dewormed pill for dogs (according to her weight). if she still rubs her butt, u will then hv no choice but to bring her to a vet.

May 11 at 11:6