How far along do you have to be to hear the baby's heartbeat?

How far along do you have to be to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat through an ultrasound? What about a doppler?


Doppler can pick it up as early as 7 weeks but sometimes not till 10. Not sure about u/s


i had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and they wouldnt listen for it because they say sometimes they cant pick the heartbeat up and dont want to freak woman out , but you could see the heart beating .. my doctor wouldnt listen/check for it with the doppler until i was 14 weeks pregnant due to sometimes not being able to hear it .. they just dont want to freak people out i guess which i dont blame them. but ive heard some woman being able to hear it at like 8 weeks , maybe ask your doctor next appointment. every doctor and clinic/hospital is different i guess just depends on your doctor.


Here in UK we don't check for the heartbeat until around 15-17 weeks, in case we can't find it and it stresses the mother. However it is possible to find it from 9-12 weeks, depending on the woman's build and the quality of the doppler. On an ultrasound scan the heartbeat can be heard at around the same time it can be detected- 7 weeks. I heard my son's heartbeat via a scan at 7 and half weeks pregnant.


10 weeks :-)


i was 4 months pregnant when i saw the first ultra sounds and heard his heart beat but thats when i found out i was pregnant i belive my sissy got to hear the heart beat as soon as a month o 2


when i was prego the frist check up i heard the heart beat