My braces hurt really really REALLY bad! help, I need advice!?

I'm 14. I've had braces for 4 months, and like 2 or 3 days ago I got my wire changed (damon braces) and my mouth hurt so bad i cried. it still hurts. I can't chew noodles, or bread, or cake. I have to eat soup and mashed potatos, ice cream and smoothies. it hurts so bad I can't floss!

I got these coil spring hurts in that area a lot. its gotten better, but it still hurts. it feels good to massage my lower jaw/chin area. and pills don't help. when will it get better, and is it normal for it to hurt this much?

and i can't bite together either. i have to keep my mouth open other wise it hurts 10x more.

they feel super tight and the bottom jaw hurts a lot. im sad =( I hate my braces.


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It will get better, I promise. I had braces for about 3 and a half years when I was younger (got them off when I was about your age). If the coil spring things are what they think they are, you're right, they do hurt like a b---- at first (had them, too). The first few months I had mine on were terrible every time I had to get them tightened- I couldn't chew anything harder than oat meal for nearly a week the first few times. But it will get easier each time- by the last few months I wore mine, I could get them tightened after school and be able to eat pizza with no trouble by dinner time.

For now, just stick it out. It will get better, but it'll take a few days for your jaw to adjust to the new tension in the wires. If massaging your jaw helps, do it. You can also "ice" it (I recommend a bag of frozen peas or corn wrapped in a towel- 5-10 minutes on, 15-20 off). And if the pain medicine you've been taking hasn't been helping, ask your parents about trying a different kind. Tylenol never worked at all for me, but Aleve helped every time.


try mixed salt and water swish it in your mouth, and spit it out,or try drinking iced green tea.


same thing happened me ..if you have no pain killers like i didnt then i did this..i usually have sensitive teeth so i can't drink cold orange juice without a straw but when my braces hurt like that i usually drink really cold drinks and sort of keep it in your mouth because it sort of sooths the pain! i couldnt even sleep they hurt so bad! but it will go away! just think positive :) if they hurt, they're obviously working :)


Take an advil.


I know how that feels.

When I had braces the pain was so bad, it made me want to bite down on something just to make the pain that much worse so it wouldn't hurt at much.

Umm take advil, definitely.

That's pretty much all you can do. And lie down and watch tv or do something to distract yourself and take your mind off of it.


You don't have to hate them, sure it hurts but your smile will be so freakin' gorgeous after. I hate my braces too so I feel a little hypocrite telling you not to hate them but me it's for esthetic reasons. A 6 year old asked me why my teeth were black >.< And kids never lie

Anyways, I suggest drinking ice cold water. It numbs your teeth for a while. It sounds weird but I kinda like when my teeth hurt because they make me drink more and more water for the relief and you can never drink too much water

I'm surprised you got coil spring, I used to have the regular elastics. So it's understandable that it hurts more, but you'll get used to it.

If pills and everything else didn't work, than cold water is all I can think of

Hope I helped!


maybe u should contact the dentist as it shouldnt be that painful. all i can suggest is ibuprofen if u can take them.


i have had braces 2 times, 3 retainers, and a bunch of other crap done to my teeth. dont worry, it will get better. i just my second set of braces off last month and i have a semi permanent retainer behind my back teeth and 1 at night. just stick to doing that. take some meds if u want like Advil. i never took any meds because i would rather deal.


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