Do you think people on welfare should be allowed to have children?

PS: Welfare is not the same as UI/EI. We pay for UI. I mean someone who does not want and has no intention of getting a job. I am sick of the thought that my tax money is going to deadbeat moms and dads who live off the government and have more and more kids just to get more money which they spend on their addictions anyway.


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The problem is, people who are on the dole for the most part, don't have the education, control, or social graces to understand their actions, or the connection between sex and conception. These days, because there is such a backlash against waiting after school to have sex and get married. We have generations of people who are nothing more than baby-mama's and sperm donors.

Now we have kids who pretty much grow up without real parenting. The mother is too busy with her friends, and the father has long since abandoned the mother and has probably fathered more children from five different other teenaged mothers.


I think no one should EVER have the authority to control another man or woman's reproduction, no matter what. It's a sick and sad world we live in when other people feel they are so superior that they feel they have the right to control others in such of fashion.

People don't go on welfare just because they don't want to work. They don't have kids on welfare just to get more money. And they don't get welfare just to waste it on addictions. These kinds of people are few and far between.

And the amount of "your money" that goes into welfare programs through taxes is in the pennies - so shut your mouth.

You realize, if you suddenly lost your job, your home, and needed government assistance - you would be relying on the "tax money" of other people?

You realize, many of the people on welfare had jobs before, paid taxes before, PAID INTO THE SYSTEM before. That's right - THEIR taxes also supported the very system that is now helping them. THAT IS WHY IT IS THERE. And when those people get jobs, get back on their feet, they start paying taxes again, start paying into the system again.

My mother was on welfare. She was a single mother - not by choice. She was homeless - not by choice. SHE HAD A JOB - but it didn't pay enough to support us. Welfare pays CRAP. It BARELY puts food on the table. It BARELY sustains a family.




Yeah, I do, and you should mind your own goddamn business...


I think people on welfare should have to do job training, get jobs and take drug tests.


Who are we to judge we don't know their situation my sister recveives it she's a single mother with a child with special needs that need her 24/7. Not every one receieving welfare has a habit.


No, that's just ridiculous. Babbies should always be welcome in this world, no matter the circumstances surrounding their conception, nor their parents financial situation.


Better to be poor than to be hateful.

...oh! Now I remember. The cat who actually IS off her meds. Yeah. Lady -- you nuts.;…