Could a hot bath hurt my unborn baby?

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and 3 days before I found out I was pregnant I took a extremely hot bath. It's what I find relaxing and I didn't know I was pregnant or I would not have made the water so hot.... I'm terrified thinking about if it could have hurt the baby. I turned the hot water on and filled the bathtub up and didnt ever once turn the cold water on. I've always been able to withstand that hot of water and i find out relaxing. It makes me nervous because it was so hot that it made my skin bright red and although it felt wonderful for me could this have hurt my baby? Now that I know I'm pregnant I've kept my baths luke warm and I know better now but I didnt know I was pregnant then. Please no rude comments. Like I said if I would have known was pregnant I wouldnt have made the water so hot. I'm just afraid now....Has anyone had any experiences with this or knows anyone that has experiences this?


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You didn't feel any pain did you? You should be totally fine. It's too early in your pregnancy for that to affect your baby. Don't do it again though. It's ok to keep having baths as long as the temperature of the water does not go over 100 degrees or if you're feeling overheated (high blood pressure). The reason being is that it can make you overheat, which raises your heart rate and reduces blood flow to your uterus, which can put your baby under stress or interfere with normal development.


It's ok as long as u don't let Ur body temp go to 102


im pregnant and love a nice bath and im okie


dont worry, your baby is fine. just keep taking those luke warm baths instead.


Don't worry you'll be fine it was still very early in pregnancy to cause any damages. Just make sure you don't do it again.


No, I am 6 months pregnant and my midwife said the only danger of hot baths is when the mother (you) gets too hot it could cause you to faint.....apart from that no danger to the unborn baby.

Another old wives tale :o)


I've been taking hot baths the entire time I've been pregnant. I am 36 weeks now and my kid has never had a problem. He's been moving, his heart rate is always strong, and his u/s always come out perfect. I wouldn't worry about it honestly. And my doctor even recommended a nice hot bath to help relieve some of the pain I'm in now from being so far along.


Women do alot of things before they find out they were pregnant (drinking, smoking, drugs, hot baths) and the baby was just fine. You stressing over it can hurt the baby more than the bath did. Also taking baths while pregnant isnt recommended. It can cause infections and when you get father along you cant tell if your water broke. Congrats on the lil one!