37 weeks pregnant, pounding headache that wont go away.?

So I haven't really had terrible headaches during pregnancy, they're there but I can deal with them. Last night I started to get one so I took some Tylenol which I rarely take just cause I don't like too but I wanted to sleep. I woke up two hours later with the most painful headache I was in tears. I had to take a warm shower to ease the pain and have my fiance massage my head till I fell asleep again. Now its okay but still there. I have been in and out of the hospital for high blood pressure and swelling, they're monitoring me closely for preeclampsia. I have a doctors appointment today, last week they said after 37 weeks they may try and get baby out.

Does it possibly sound like I'm developing preeclampsia. Everytime I go get my non stress test done my bp is great and baby looks wonderful. I'm so tired of this, but I want what's best for my son.


That pounding headache is a preeclampsia symptom, and I would recommend calling your doctor and seeing if you can get seen right away instead of waiting until your appointment.

If your blood pressure is already high, then you at least have PIH (pregnancy-induced hypertension). If you are spilling at least 300mg of protein in a 24 hour urine sample, plus have blood pressures of at least 140/90, then you are diagnostic for mild preeclampsia, even without any other symptoms.


Try rubbing alcohol on a cloth. Rub it on your forhead ...this should help... Good luck.


Good luck. I hope they deliver your baby as soon as possible.


I'd give your doctor a call. Severe headaches are something that needs to be checked, especially since you have high BP and are at risk for pre-eclampsia.


Ugh, I remember those headaches well. Poor you! Unfortunately it could just be a side effect of the pregnancy and there's not much you can do. Tylenol or advil is safe for you to take (I used to prefer Advil over Tylenol).

Good luck at your appointment today!