Is it dangerous to eat marshmallows when pregnant?





No, though marshmallows are not the most healthy choice of foods during pregnancy, they also are not harmful, and though I tried to be as healthy as I could during my pregnancy, certain cravings you just have to give into, and so I had to enjoy some marshmallows during my pregnancy.

Mar 11 at 0:29

no. lol

Mar 11 at 4:15


Mar 11 at 8:24

Yeah I agree with the lady above me. . .you're fine to eat marshmallows

Mar 11 at 12:56

read about it here

open the fourth and sixth green link

there on right side for more info

Mar 11 at 17:51

Marsh mellows do not contain drugs, caffeine, or alcohol, so yes you can eat them.

Mar 11 at 23:9