What are the symptoms after losing your virginity?

okay so, i lost my virginity yesterday, and yes we did use a condom. i did bled, but it was more like a brown color, rather than actually dark red. today my stomache began to hurt a little bit, and then i started to get a few headaches. not big ones, but small light ones. im also feeling like discharge is coming out, but clear discharge. and yes, when i go to the bathroom it does sting when i pee. i would really like to know are these just symptons after losing ur vcard, or could it mean that i may be pregnant? i would really like to know asap, so maybe i could go buy the morning after pill. thanks.

im 17, for those of your who are wondering. and he's 18.


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The blood (red is fresh, brown just means it's dried up a little) is from tearing your hymen. Stomach and headaches are probably unrelated. Extra discharge is nothing to worry about.

The stinging pee... if it's stinging because your hymen is torn (opening of your vagina) then it's nothing to worry about and will clear up in a few days. If it's stinging because it just hurts to pee, and if you're feeling urgency (like you have to go even when your bladder's not full) then it could be a UTI, which women sometimes get from the rubbing of sex. If you have a UTI, you have to go to a doctor, clinic, or er to get checked out for it and to get antibiotics.

I hope it's just the hymen stinging so that you don't have to worry about it!

Good for you for using condoms!


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U popped ur cherry ha that meant ur vagina was to tight whatever after u lOse it ur thighs get bigger theres some more but that's all I know


i think this is a normal feeling and normal symptoms. if you are not wanting a pregnancy it maybe a good idea to buy a morning after pill, but then get on a form of birth control if you plan to continue having sex. You would not feel pregnant yet, it usually takes 4weeks to get pregnancy symptoms. i have had 2 friends in my life time to become pregnant their 1st time.

if the discharge continues over the next couple of weeks you may want to schedule an appointment and have an std check. Although i feel like it is all normal 1st time symptoms. I think its normal to bleed the 1st time. i don't think the headaches are from sex, i think it is your nerves from losing your virginity and your not sure how you feel about that. Don't stress over it, you can't take it back. Just be safe and get on birth control and use condoms.


Could be a STD! Always use a condom! Jesus, it's not difficult.


nothing except youll want more sex =)


U may have cramps and a stomach ache. You are not pregnant though. The discharge is normal.


You would not have pregnancy symptoms the day after sex.

Get some sex ed and stop having sex NOW until you are smart enough to do so.