♂ What do you think of the name Nathaniel for a boy?

What do you think of the nickname Daniel? He has a twin sister named Sophie. Do you like the twin names of Sophie Elisabeth and Nathaniel James?


I think that both those names are great. They go very well together as names.


Nathaniel James is handsome and Sophie Elisabeth is beautiful.(:


Nathaniel? ugh no, either Nathan or Daniel don't try and be pompous, this is a real person remember!


I would just do Nathan thats just me. Nathaniel sounds wimpy and dorky. Just name it Daniel if thats what you want the nickname to be! The names go well together yea.


I like both the names. I love James as a middle name. I would use Nathan instead of Daniel as a nickname.


I like their names together, that's really cute:)

I think Nate is a better nickname than Daniel.

Also, Sophie Elisabeth is one of the prettiest names I've heard.

Good luck with your twins!


I love the name Nathaniel, but the nickname Daniel doesn't work. What about Nate? or Nathan?

Sophie Elisabeth & Nathaniel James is adorable!

Sophie & Nate/Nathan sounds cute together