How to convince your parents into letting you go to a party?

What are some good arguments to present them with! What are some tricks i can use? HELP! will give best answer!


"I want to go to a boy-girl party, I'm 13, we'll be all alone, no adults..." No chance.

"I want to go to a party with just my friends, their parents will be there and a lot of other adults it's mostly to keep them company, I'll be back by 6pm..." better chance.

"I know I got all Fs this semester, but I want to go to this party..." No chance.

It's all about the details.


We can't tell you anything until you actually describe the entire situation.


Exactly what kind of "party" is this? A birthday party with some girlfriends? Or an unsupervised party with alcohol and boys? Your parents might have a good reason for not letting you go...but if the party isn't going to be like the latter, just tell them all the details.


Tricks to use - you'll get to the one party and then get found out and they won't trust you.

It is all about building trust and showing you're mature enough to discuss and accept decisions.

Are the details of the party likely to be acceptable to your parents? I'd assume that to mean in a trustworthy house, plenty of adult supervision, acceptable people of your own age, no older party goers.

What is the occasion for the party? Who would you be going with? How will you get there and back? Have you been to a party before, with or without permission? Would the parents having the party speak to your parents?