What does this type of cervical mucus mean when TTC?

I have PCOS, and took Clomid days 5-9. Yesterday was day 15. My doctor gave us instructions to have sex starting on day 15 every other day. Yesterday I had a clear watery cervical mucus, and today I had milky white/watery cervical mucus. Can anyone tell me what that means? Is that good to have?


Hi. I think you probably are in your fertile period.. meaning close to or at ovulation. Some women never experience ''EWCM'' (eggwhite cervical mucous), but they get close.. it will be watery and clear in appearance. So yes, it is good to have. There's a few websites I'll post links below, it'll really help you to chart your mucous better. Just as long as you are having sex, then I'd say your chances are good that if you have or are about to ovulate, that you've hit your window just fine.

Best of luck to you, and babydust!


You are usually about to ovulate when the cervical mucus is clear and kinda stretchy. It looks and feels like raw egg-whites. Sound like you may have had that Yesterday.