TTC: Sore breasts at 7 DPO.?

Just curious, women who have been pregnant before.

I NEVER have sore breasts, not even during my period.

Today I noticed my breasts are sore, which is out of the ordinary.

I have 5 days until AF is supposed to arrive.

Did anyone out there have pregnancy symptoms such as sore breasts this early?

Thank you!


if you want to drive yourself crazy look at and you will find real symptoms listed by ladies that have bene pregnant

i am 6dpo and am GOING NUTS

i have a 3 year old and i never got sore breasts throughout my whole pregnancy so it really differs for everyone

good luck


Sore breasts can happen after ovulation to anyone at any time whether they usually get them or not. It's due to increased progesterone, and progesterone rises after ovulation whether you're pregnant or not. I never had sore breasts until right before my period before my first pregnancy, then after pregnancy once I had Mirena removed and we started ttc again my breasts hurt from 1 DPO until the second day of my period. So, basically, since January my boobs hurt for 2 weeks out of my month and I just now achieved pregnancy on my 4th try, and I really didn't think I could be pregnant this quickly or easily considering that we had to undergo IVF to conceive what we already have. Yes, I had symptoms like that as early as you and even earlier, but it only turned out to be pregnancy once. Unfortunately, sore breasts are one of the many symptoms that can go either way so it's best not to read too much into them. I know, easier said than done. Good luck on what's left of your 2ww, and I'm sending a ton of baby dust your way!


It could be a symptom and I hope for you it is. I never had sore breast either until I started ttc and then I started having symptoms every month but so far all I've had are BFN! Good Luck!


7dpo is kind of early to even have any pregnancy the egg takes 6-12 days to implant after its release. So, 7dpo is very early.

However.....are you sure you're only 7dpo? You could be 10-12dpo and possibly have sore breasts if pregnant (and implantation occurred early).

Good luck to you!


My breasts just started becoming sore before my period. I call it a "phantom symptom." Unfortunately a lot of early pregnancy symptoms can resemble pms symptoms. 7DPO is still a little early to test, wait about a week and try!