Is 55 degrees Fahrenheit too cold for toddler?

Tomorrow it is supposed to be about 55 degrees Fahrenheit and I want to take my 2 year old to the zoo... would this be too cold for her? We live in KY 50 isn't really warm or cold. Just kinda in the middle... I was gonna have her in jeans and a hoodie? Would she be too cold?


Dress her warmly. If there's even a little breeze, it will feel colder. Have a blanket to tuck around her. And if you notice she looks cold, or if she complains of being cold, head for the snake house, or the food court, or the aviary or something...these are all nice and warm. Linger for a while, warm up, then go out and look at the giraffes again.

Have fun!

Feb 22 at 21:49

Bring a coat too, and then periodically ask her if she's cold.

Feb 23 at 1:35

No, I actually consider that warm. :)

Feb 23 at 5:44

I'd put a jacket on over the hoodie and alternate time in the indoor and outdoor parts of the zoo. Take your cue from her. If she is cold she will let you know.

Feb 23 at 10:16

Definitely need a coat and take hat, scarf and gloves just in case , it can feel colder when you are outdoors for a long time especially if she is in a stroller

Feb 23 at 15:12

Hey, thanks for the BA! Happy Zoo Day! Kate

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Feb 23 at 20:30