What does it mean if a guy blushes while talking to you?

i think this happened a couple of weeks ago i was talking to this guy and i was telling him about something that i did really wierd yesterday. We were laughing and when i put my hands on his cheeks to shake his head no he started smiling and blushing really bad. does this mean that he likes me? plz i really want to know!



it means he feels uncomfortable.. he's embarrassed. it means he does not know you well enough to be himself without feeling shame/awkward/embarrassed.

it does not mean he conclusively likes or dislikes you..

it does mean he does not feel comfortable/safe around you. (does NOT mean he does NOT like you, just that he's insecure around you)


his smile is more indicative that he DOES like you. Or he found humor in some aspect of the situation.

taken together i think he does like you. .. that without warning.. you entered into his "safe space" his "comfort zone" and touched him. and his smile and blush tell me he did not mind, but that you DID violate his personal space. (self esteem?) shy guys have barriers.. defenses .. the trick is to sneak past these defenses by using friendship to sneak inside before they realize it. so your allowed in their "safe/comfort zone"


he probably likes youuuu:)


Yes or he was embarrased. But probably likes you if his reaction was good.


no this happens to me sometimes even if I don't like the girl