My boyfriend wants me to give him a rim job, and honestly i have no idea what it is/ feels like?

Here's the deal. Im a 16 year old sophmore at small community where trust me, everyone knows everything. My boyfriend is 22 and we've been going out for 4 years. We met at the parking lot of Subway. We had an instant connection, have gonne pretty far, and now hes asking for a rim job. im open to anything ( ; ) ) but i have no idea what it is/ feels like. Tips or suggestions would be EGG-CELLENT. Seriously though, help.


If you're into licking his a-- then fine -- that would be a rim job.

By the way, does your boyfriend realize that it's illegal for him to be with you? He's 22 years old and should know better than to be going after a teenager.

This is sick on so many levels.


using your tongue to fondle the outside (and inside) of your partner's clean *** hole in a circular or lapping motion


mk well first of all i do believe your boyfriend is misstaken, a rim job is when you put your legs behind your head ahev have sdomeone lick your ***.... I am not even joking here. Ask him if he means b ********. But if he really means a rim job, well then uhh... Honestly i wouldnt do it i mean your licking his butt dude. But remember a guy should not put his tongue or let you put your tongue, where he wouldnt want his own penis


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