Why does she come to me when I ignore her and ignores me when I approach her?

She initiated a chat with me

1 month ago, I initiated a chat with her and was like wassup, she did not answer!

The next day, I asked her a question after five minutes, she did not answer and I gave her another ? and she answered. She ended up chatting for like 2 hours and told me a lot abou her and.... She told me that she had a boyfriend and I told her I would of have asked her out if she did not have a boyfriend and she kept on telling me that she loves him very very much and that shes taken and that her parents would not let her dat seniors anyway. Later I told her that ppl thinks she is a ****.

So I ignored her for a few days and she looked mad and one day after school I was doing an after school project she and her friend cam up and she said my name and left.

So 1 week later I was like wassup and she did not answer and went offline like 6 minutes later.

Do you think she is playing too hard to get? Should I ignore her?

I mean I know she likes me

I have caught her looking at me and then turning away

I have caught her blushing

She yells my name outloud from distance like 4 times

She wanted to hug me once but I ignroed her

She did a dance in front of me and later one of her friend ask me if she offended my mom

I DO NOT THINK SHE REALLY HAS A BOYFRIEND! Do you think girls can lie about it because I have never seen him with her and they go to the same school and I am sure if they go out this girl would be all over her "bf".


She got mad when I first ignored her then nothing/ now she is smiling everytime she sees me.

I have never seen her with her boyfriend.

Why would she care if she had a boyfriend and I ignore her? Does it mean that she was playing hard to get when she told me about a boyfriend.

She said my name a few times after the mess I just ignored her. Now I have ignroed her a long time ( 2 months) yet she is still smiling at me


Just 3 days ago, she said my name like 5 times when we saw each other. Later that day, her best friend came up to me and said my name? What do they want?



Lately, she has been going to the cafeteria and stand in the line just to look at me (she does't buy anything, she sometimes leave the line when it gets to her. Lately, she has been buying some food but i catch her looking at me.

If she really likes me, why won't she just tell me?

I never see her with that bf of hers!

Lately, I saw her talking to different guys in front of me ( One time, I stood across from her and saw her glancing at me and quickly turn away then continue talking to that guy)


I only read your question and not the dissertation, but if she only pays attention to you when you ignore her, then ignore her more. And when you do pay attention to her, be kind of distant.


you typed about a page of information but you repeated things so many times that if you had said everything once it probably would have been a you used the grammar skills of a twelve-year-old even though you said you were a senior.

she sounds like a girl who is confused as to whether she likes you or doesn't...but you sound sort of like a stalker.

i would forget about her


i am a girl and i have to admit many girls say they are taken either if they dont like you or if they are wanting you to try harder. from the sounds of it she wants you to try harder. i think you should go for it you have nothing to be afraid of if she turns you down then shes just playing you as all the things you said are signs that shes flirting good luck x


Sounds like you, and this girl are both totally confused, and NUTS. Ask her out; you sound perfect for each other! :D


wow... you sure typed a lot of information. I'm guessing you are in the closet...


Its is human nature to be attracted to things we cant have and not

realizing true value of something until we loose it.