If a guy pokes you on facebook,does it mean he likes you..?

this guy,we like talk everyday and hes kinda flirting with me i guess..but today he poked me on facebook..does that mean he likes me?


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Well this all depends on the circumstances.

If he flirts, and acts like he likes you, a "Poke" could be his way of saying "Hey ;) I wanna see more of you" Or something like that, Its like a way of seeking your attention, without being too obvious about it. If you flirt back and you talk everyday... Then "Poke" him back! He'll get the idea that you want him back and things should go from there.

Hope this helps & Hope everything goes well between you two!


The poke button is there for the exact reason that it is intended for. Poking.

Tell you what, open up a second f/b account and or get a friend to add themselves to his friend list and make sure there is a pretty girl's face in the account. He will be flirting, talking and POKING to that girl as well as you too. Why, because I bet he is a "Player" and is firting and talking sweet to all the girls.


if someone pokes you in real life, are they saying they like you?

come on now. think about it.


I don't think a poke means anything


He is flirting with you. I am assuming that you two dont hang out all the time, so this is the only time to flirt.

Good luck with him


omg really, i didn't know that when someone pokes you on facebook that it means they like you ! wow i guess my best friend is lesbian then....


nooo. it means their bored & they have no life.


hes trying to tell you to

shove a dildo up your ***

so if you consider that flirting ...

then yeah, he's flirting with you :)