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My first kiss story:

Austin and I were just friends- but i had a huge crush on him. He was a really close friend, so he asked me to go to the movies when we were 12. He had gotten one free ticket on Friday, but his friends were going on vacations, and i guess some were sick, but anyway, we went to the movies. He paid for the movie, i paid snacks. I wouldn't call it a date, but during the movie, he just kissed me. Oh my god, i swear my face was as red as the coke bottle. I was so surprised but of course happy. Now we're still dating!


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First kiss:

When I first went to visit my girlfriend, she was my first and true love. I got out of the car after my dad gave me a lift up there, she lives 2 hours away. Anyway, I got out of the car and saw her standing at her door. She didn't expect me to be too confident, but I loved her so much I decided to go for it. I walked quickly to the door, put down my bags, put my arms round her and gave her a passionate kiss. It was my first kiss but it went very well! After that, it was much much easier to talk to her.

Funny Boyfriend/Girlfriend story (Embarssing):

After we had gone upstairs and watched a few movies, I made my first move. Anyway, it eventually led to sex, We were up there all night. I came down the next morning, her mum was there, She said "Good sleep?" "Oh yes thank you, Just making Chantelle breakfast in bed" "Oh thats nice, well I thought you had a good sleep, judging by the noise last night!" She giggled as she went into the front room, I was so embarassed left standing there in the kitchen. We were a bit too loud! lol


first kiss?

oh it was nothing special. i met him at a gig and thought he was cute. he went for a kiss and i let him kiss me

i forgot his name...

i wish i shared my first kiss with someone special or at least someone i'd' remember.

all i remember about him is that he had blonde hair and english accent.