When a guy hugs you first what does that mean?

And It wasn't a real long hug..

But he rubbed my back and I rubbed his...

We both like each other though...

But why would he hug me?

We hardly see each other..


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Becuase he likes you...


if its a spanish hug

one where he holds you a little longer

then he surely loves you

or has feelings for you


Friends do this, so don't make a big deal out of this, unless he kisses you then ask would actually know then.!


Because he likes you silly and he wants to get close to you, and just be with you :)


ehh, don't read too much into it. if he likes you, that's probably why he did it, lol.


I think he was trying to be friendly.There's not much to it.


he wanted to be close to you he must love you or something


When I hug a girl and rub her back it means I like her as a friend. If I like her I kiss her on the cheek first