Why do men lie so much?

My boyfriend lied about being gay, and having a boyfriend. I'm sure that's not all he's lied about, because he's a damn good liar. So why do guys lie? Is it just part of their genetics or something? I know girls lie, but guys do lie a bit more.


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I never lie. It took a lot of work to get that way, but I never lie purposely.

I have generally found women lie, and expect men to lie, and when we don't lie they find it offensive. Like no woman ever appreciates my comment that baby's look like Winston Churchill, but they do, guys die laughing when I say that, girls give me dark looks.

Aug 14 at 18:28

because they don't want to get in trouble

Aug 14 at 22:14

sorry, it's equal

Aug 15 at 2:23

some men are honest, and some are not, just like women.

Aug 15 at 6:55

Don't group all men together. The one you got is just a gay liar.

Aug 15 at 11:51

mens honesty > womens honesty

pft hos....

Aug 15 at 17:9

I saw your question earlier, so he said his reason for going to the guy was cause he was gay? wow

guys suck! i wish i knew why they lied so much=/

Aug 15 at 22:50

Everyone lies. You've just been around girls that are better liars and guys that are not so skilled.

Aug 16 at 4:54