Why do older men stare at me?

Ok so everywhere i go, Older men staree at me. And i do not know why. Its actually kinda creepy and i dnt like it. Guys my age hardly give me a second glance but men starting from about 23 to 50 years of age loveee to look a me. Its wierdd and i get super freaked out! im only 15 i dress normal, skinny jeans a normal tee converse occasionally leather boots and mostly a normal looking leather jacket. I dont try hard to look older or preetier. I hardly ever wear makeup not even mascara. Im brown skinned straight black hair and quite short actually just barely 5. I have an average body.. maybe a little too wide hips, but other than dat im quite average i would say. so i dont understand why men many years older than me stare at me so much? and then boys around my age hardly look. do u know why? I neeed to know please, todayy was really bad.


thats men for you sweetie! the older ones just want to try and recapture their youth via young women/girls while the boys your own age aren't really ready to do the 'relationship' thing. they are still ogling the models and celebs in magazines.

just be yourself - don't return the stares of the older fellas and pretty soon one your age will open his eyes and see the cutie standing right in front of him! you!


I suppose it's a fact of nature, men, no matter their ages, like to look at pretty young things, like you.

Most of the time, it means little, they see some young pretty girl and it brings a smile to their faces and then they move on.

Yes there are creepy old guys, who shall we say ogle young girls, and that's enough to make any young girl, anxious or nervous or just plain creep them out out. Who can blame them?

Most boys her age, are most likely just to shy as yet, to do more than look at a pretty girl. They are looking at you as well, but it's not as noticeable as those men are, when they look at you.

So don't worry about it, just ignore the looks, it will most likely go on, until, you reach a certain age when men will stop looking at you. That to, may make you sad as well.

However, for now just take it as a fact of life and ignore it, the best way you can.


It's not like it's a crime or anything...


Because of your beauty.


well they dont know how old u are and they might think u are older. i mean when u say hi to someone u dont exactly say he let me see ur id so i know how old u are. they prolly just think ur really pretty girl and older guys are set wit what they want in life. teenagers usually only care about stuff like hanging out sleepin wit girls not all but most or some are playing video games.


It's the same with me im not nice looking and ive been told it's maybe your aura and how people around you see u which is odd i guess i don't know if i belive in things like that:/


Im a guy and I also get it all the time, girls constantly stare at me. Its really uncomfortable. Especially when on a daily basis they try to start conversations with me. The worst part is when I am trying to do my grocery shopping and being stuck with one and politely trying to get away they tend to just walk with you. How do I stop this?!? I try to dress bad to make them not pay attention like wear tracksuit pants and tshirts when I shop but it doesnt seem to do anything they will still stare and try to start conversations and randomly smile at me?! HELP!


We older lads ogle buxom babes- I' ll be 60 July 6,but this black Canadian lad with the boyish good looks,muscular build- I' m 5' 9",205 lb.with 181/4" arms- and handsome black cowboy stud appea-

rance IN AND OUT of my duds- ALWAYS eyes busty gals between 25 and 40 because at any age,we remain boobs- crazed boys!