Whats the nicest way to break up with my EXTREMELY CLINGY boyfriend!?

I'm in my first year of high school, and me and current boyfriend met at the beginning of the year. He was really nice, friendly, and funny guy. We started going out after 3 weeks after we met each other. But lately I've noticed his alter personality. He's very clingy, protective, and worrisome. I'm not a very touchy-feely kind of person, but he is. He is always wanting to give me a hug, hold my hand, and give me a kiss in public. He walks me to each of my classes which i think is kind of sweet, but it gets a bit much when he expects i give him a kiss and a lovingly "I love you" in front of complete strangers in a hallway. Even my closet friends have noticed how possessive he is. I was off sick from school for two days this week, and when i came back they said he was irritable, depressed, and demanding, always telling them how much he missed me, how much he loved me, and following them around all day; and annoying them. I would trust my friends with my life and i believed them when they told me. I was annoyed that he would go to such lengths! It has gotten so bad I would have to make up excuses for not hanging out with him this weekend (I hate to lie to him, but i really, honestly, don't know a better way to get him off my back). I really don't want to break-up with him so close to Christmas, but if the possessive personality continues i dont really see what other choices i have.

I may be only 15 & this is my first boyfriend, but I'm not like other teenagers claiming they have found their "soul mate" or "their first love". My best friend says that we weren't right for each other, and i have to agree with her. And to make things more awkward, I have meet a really awesome guy in my gym class who i actually really like & care about.

So can someone please, tell me a way to help me break up with my clingy boyfriend? And some may say "Just talk to him about it". Trust me I did, and even my friends have been dropping hints about his clingy feelings.

I really appreciate it :)


The best way to break up is to be direct. Tell him clearly that you are breaking up with him and would like him to give you some space. Don't offer to stay friends and don't be vague. He needs to know that it is over for real. He may get upset or angry, if this happens just walk away. I would also ignore any attempts he makes to beg you back, don't let him guilt trip you in to changing your mind.

It would be best to do this one on one, but you can bring a friend with you if you are worried about how he will react.


He is sweet and actually wants to bee seen with you, you rather have a boyfriend that does whatever he wants with out you. If a guy really likes a girl he wants to be seen with her not keep it hiden but ok. Watch, I'm pretty sure you are gonna regret it. Try telling him that you want some time a part and don't talk to eachother for like two weeks because you want some space, and you'll see if you are ok without him or not. And then when you try to talk to him again he will break up with you cuz you hurt him. then you'll cry and then try to get back with him and he will never talk to you again for not knowing how to appreciate him.


Look, i'm sorry, *insert name* but we just don't have a lot in common. You are young and not vested in your relationship. You're not ending a thirteen year marriage, it doesn't matter what day it is. Just end it.


poor guy and stupid people are normal these days,

i bet he says he will never leave and the like, he sences your feeling's and has become more clingly becuse of it, you must be your self and say what you mean to get rid of him, be a complete *****, tell him that you have alwase thought of any type of relationship as temporary and a passing fad and something that may not last, he probably wont hit you if he hasnt before, if he really wants what is best for you he would never. he may be be down troden, but at least you are telling the truth in your eyes, witch is a lie, and verry unkind, and stupid on your part, just so you know that it is you he fears lozeing or more than any one else so he hold's you closer than anyone else, it has "smothered you" in a way it seems, you have had all you thought you desired and has probably tryed to give you all you wanted and it isnt enough, so it is time to move on to something that seems better, you honestly disgust me, and so does he, he should not make you his god and you sholdnt have let him, he should realize there are thing's that are out of his hand's, and you are one of them, you can be stupid or inteligent, and he can not help that much, you can be kind or destructive, he cant help that much, all he can do is be inteligent himself and kind himself, and loveing himself, hanging on for dear life wont work, leting go can, tell him there is no way to hold on to you a slipery woman, and that you are unstable in all that you do becuse you want what feels good rather than what is right, let him know that god is the only one that can make him whole not women,(they only help a little) and to stop giveing you his strength, you just have a misguided man on your hand's and you are a stupid girl, you will get away one way or another, but the colateral damages might be huge but at least he will have been freed of his dependency on you, you will tear him in half but it is for the better, well eventually for him anyway, now all this said he may not want to give up, beleve me he probably wont, and will be protective of you for the rest of his life, and will be the guy you could call if you want someone hurt, or need help in any situation he seems a wareor type and will get the job done at any cost, or he might be sorrry that he ever met you,

and buy the way those are normal "clingy feeling's" guys have em most girls dont, but some like your man dont know how to express or supress them inteligently, or pick out the right type of girl or make one intelighet, your guy is just as ignorant as you and should stay away from relationships of any type all together, untill he has gotten some wisdom for himself, if you leave him,

and now print this page off and hand it to him also the question you asked on the world wid web it should help ease his pain supriseingly, the worse the blow sometimes it hurts less, and sometimes it will knock you out, and that feels good,(knocked out figurativly)

and buy the way dont trust you life to friend's they happen to be just as stupid as anyone else at 16 and any real friend dont care about your feelings much the just tell you the truth, nomatter how it hurt's or how sharp it is, at least pretend to be his friend and be sharp and to the point, even if you are unknowingly lieing he will get the big pic in the long run.


Just don't talk to him, he will understand.

Usually the clingy guys grow into being perfectly balanced love-wise.

Don't give "hints" be real and tell him st8 up that he is clingy


That is literally the exact same thing I am going through now. It's tough because he told me that girls always break up with him after like 3 weeks nd hes so tired of it and im afraid that he will be really depressed and hurt himself.