I let my boyfriend touch and fondle with my breasts?

We were cuddling/kissing in my bed and he started to lift my shirt and touch my back and I noticed my bra strap kind of got in the way

So I took my bra off and we cuddled/kissed more and he started to touch my back again (underneath my shirt) and for some reason I wanted him to touch my breasts so I guided his hand to my breasts...? (My first time having a guy touch my breasts & he told me it was his first time too)

Anyway yeah,

Do you think he will view me as a "cheap girl" for letting him do that?

I know he loves and values me VERY much and I KNOW he's not using me for sex or anything like that...

Do boyfriends usually touch their girlfriend's breasts?

Thanks for all the answers!

(We've been together for 1 month and we're both 15)


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Mine does,but we are older (19).

it is real turn-on for girls.

Considering your age I don't think you should be doing this,that could lead to more consequential things..


omg u are the most immature 15 year old ever! grow up girl. thats what making out usually leads to then it leads to sex *gasp*


It all depends on what kind of a guy he is.


Not if he really loves you he won't think your cheap... and yes, couples usually do that... haha...


Do you not watch tv?

Of course guys do that to their girlfriends. Well most of them.


No, one month is plenty of time to wait before getting that far physically. If anything, he enjoyed it.


well he probably doesnt. But, from now on you should do less of that because then he might view you as a cheap girl.…


He deff. should not think of you as cheap for letting him do that, and yes gf's let bf's do that all the time.