What does jailbait mean?

This guy said I was jailbait ..Don't know what he means. I'm 17 if that helps


jailbait refers to an attractive underage girl usual a term used by men over the age of 18. jailbait basically refers to a young lady who you would have sex with but since shes underage you would go to jail if you do hence jailbait


Are you flirting with an 50 year old men?


means bound for jail, like no matter what you do in life hes saying someday you will end up in jail


Its a term people over 18 use. means your to young to have sex. its against the law


I think he thought you were younger than 17. Jail bait is a young girl that adult men would be put in jail for touching.


it depends on what country u live in but it is a person usually girls under the legal ages of having sex or getting intimate.

So if you would date him/her you would go to jail


If you are attracting a guy over 18 that's why people refer to you as jailbait because if he gets caught with you or gets you pregnant he can be legally arrested and serve time for sex with a minor


An attractive underaged girl who you'd like to bang. But if you get caught banging( having it ) her you'll go to jail, so she's the bait that lures you into the jail cell, hence the term jailbait.

So the guy must be over 18,