My boyfriend didn't pull out!?

I'm not on BC and we don't use condoms... stupid I know. But last month we had a scare and i thought I was pregnant, and I'm only 16. Thankfully I wasn't, so ever since then I've been so nervous. Condoms at this point are a joke because we've been together for a while, but I still want him to use the pull out method. Yesterday however we had sex and when he was about to finish i told him to pull out and he said no and just kept going. I tried to push him off and tell him to pull out but he just wouldn't and he ejaculated inside of me. I'm worried because i ovulated the day before yesterday. Why do you think he behaved this way? He's never done this before. He's 21 and I'm 16, so I know he can get in big trouble and he knows this too. So what's his deal?! And is pregnancy a possibility, even thought I ovulated the day before we had sex?


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That's effing rape!

If he gets you pregnant sue his ***!


thats not right he forced you

you wanted him out and he didnt want to

he stayed inside you

i say you should have punched him before he did

and i know this sounds bad but the age is a huge problem cuz

1) hes stronger than you

2) he can make you do anything he wants like he did there

3) you as a girl should have made the right choice and used BC or told him if he dosent use a condom then no sex.


p.s. i feel like he used u(but thats just my point of veiw)


I would dump him if he refuses to use a condom. Just so you know the pull out method does not work. One of my friend got pregnant from pull out method. You should get on BCP asap and also make him wear a condom. BCP does not work all the time either and since you are only 16 you should use both. If he doesn't respect you then you should walk out of this relationship anyway! You are only 16, do you want to become a mother?

Be smart. I am sure you are smart enough to think. Think. Is it worth getting pregnant for just a little bit of fun? He is not trustworthy he didn't listen to you and in my opinion he kinda raped you.


Totally possible, but I hope you don't!


Depending on your state, you might not even be on consensual age. So rape x2.


He was just caught up in the moment. Just ask him to wear a condom or hop on that BC otherwise you can get pregnant if you don't take cautious. Idk if you can get prego though if you ovulated.


well you told him to stop he didnt that is Rape 1. Also he is older so thats statitory also. And if u want him to use a condom tell him. he may ***** but when he knows if he doenst wair one hes not gettin any he will put one on. No condom= no ***** Guy will learn to love condom


Talk to him, make it clear you do not believe you are ready for a child. Then, go to a doctor and see if you are pregnant. If he does this again, it is classified as rape, and I would not be with him.