How to get a girl to like you in 7th grade?

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biggest thing a 7th grade girl is into is how funny a guy is. if you can make her laugh, GOOD. make jokes that are funny to not just you, to her and all of her friends (but dont insult her because its a HUGE turnoff)

another big thing is how a guy looks (sorry, i know its rude, but us girls dont like it when a guy is really ugly) if your cute, no need to worry. but if your kinda really ugly, try to get around it by making her not notice your looks and notice your personality. its kinda hard because most girls wont want to be seen with sombody whos ugly (I swear im not saying you are)

DO NOT try to hang around her a lot. that could make her feel like your kinda stalkerish and thats not a good idea. talk to her every now and then (like once a day or if you see her just say hi. no long convorsations, then make it to regular thing, thats when you want the long convorsations to come in). if you dont know her and her friends that well, dont ask to hang out with them because it could make things weird and they could end up making fun of you.

idk if this helps, but thats what i can tell you.



I ' m in 7th grade ;

be funny .<3


lol you're in 7th grade.


be nice to her.. and make her laugh.. talk to her more.. ask her if shed like to hang out.. tell her shes pretty


Say shes beautiful (never hot). Flirt with her. Text her. Hang out with friends (including her). Tell us more about her and you?


hahaha be hot. or funny. and nice. don't be mean like some idiots.


Be nice to her, never mean, and make her laugh. 7th grade girls like guys who make them laugh.


just become friends with her. ask her to hang out with you and some friends (to not make it too obvious). maybe when you all are with a group of people, ask her if you two can talk alone.