My boyfriend nags me what do I do?

Iam a 22 year old woman and I live with my boyfriend of four years. I don't nag but my boyfriend nags me. I work almost 40 hours a week and go to school full time. I love my boyfriend so much and he does have two jobs but he only has two jobs to get a little over 40 hours a week. And my boyfriend does help by picking up his clutter, which he hates. We just got a puppy so that does add stress, but he constantly nags me to take of the dog more and clean more. I clean the apartment once a week and walk the dog every day if I have time and do laundry once a week, fold it and put it up,and go to school and work. And he constantly calls me to ask me what is for dinner, which means he wants me to pay for it and cook it. Honestly I don't mind cooking and cleaning and taking care of the dog but for the last couple of months I have been so busy with longer hours at work and school becoming more hectic, so the apartment is not as clean and I have not been cooking as much. I also have not been cooking as much because I always have to pay for food at the grocery store. I really don't understand that because we pay for all the bills 50/50 which I make sure happens every month on my end. He also nags me if I go out with my girl friends but he goes out all the time. I just don't understand I really really try but it never seems to make him happy. We have had talks about this and tried to communicate but it always turns into what I'm doing wrong all the time. I'm just really sad because I love him and I don't nag him so let me know if anyone has advice? I just want to know if I'm doing anything wrong or what I should do to fix this?


am sorry'i undastand wot u ard 22 too and my boyfriend 35.he nags alot.he works some far distance from me sn we dnt spend much time together.he could ask me wot,h did in the morning,afternoon and evening.i have to tell him everythng..he wil ask that like four times.and if i confuse them or say smthng i did in the morning in the evening'he wil nag to death.i love him.somebody told me to just be telling before asks and kal him to let him knw wot am doing everytimehe wil gv up as stop the nagging


i am on this site because my boyfriend nags me also, about things like money and something i said which doesn't have to be much, he also does what he wants and i am to have no fun. when he spends money one me he nags me about it. i really want to know why.