When a guy calls you hun or cute? What does it mean?

hun...When you say something sweet and he says thanks u too hun.

cute...When you're trying to be sexy in texting conversation and he flirts too but then calls you cute.


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I usually say cute when I have this feeling for days to tell this girl how beautiful she is, but don't want to rush things or make her think I'm all over her and just obsessed. If he said cute, he meant beautiful and everything sweet you could probably imagine, I bet.


he thinks your cute and its just something guys do like saying bae, babe, or mae


I think he is flirting you.


It means sex.


hun he thinks your as sweet as honey and cute he think ur adorbable and adores u and love reading ur texts


he wants you to make a move and then he will staff to to think about you male another move and then you will See.....


It's just a nice thing to hear. I'm sure girls like being called hun, babe, baby. Being called cute could just be friendly or it could be used as a pick-up line sort of thing.


It means "hun" or "cute".