Does luv ya mean the same as i love you? Guys need your help more thang girls!?

Me and this guy have been dating for a while and im ready 2 say i love you, well the second night we were dating he said i got 2 go luv ya, well i wasnt in love yet so i just said bye and he hasnt said it anymore? what does this mean? HELP


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he doesnt wanna say it bc hes scared you wont say it back, so say it back and he'll prolly say it to you :)


"i got 2 go luv ya" Its the kinda of statement you'd say to mom, when your 7-20ish year old, isnt it?

Its not a romantic "I love you" declaration intended to make a statement. Its "luv ya", that closes a "got 2 go" statement. It has a flippant non-committed tone used in a "figure of speech" type of way.

Perhaps it was cleverly disguised to make you think it meant "I LOVE YOU", to lull you into a sense of ease so that he can have sex with you without having the tacit commitment only a pure declaration of love, "I- LOVE -YOU", can impose.

Yes, it would be awkward, if in the near future,if you declared "I-love-you" to him, and he doesnt respond in the same way... You'd be left hanging. A "I love you" statement spent, without being returned. Forever, you'd be short of that one "I love you" which will leave the equation, unbalanced.

What will you do then. What despair and humiliation!

Gotta go, luv ya.




It all depends on how long you were dating. I suspect a guy saying "luv ya" after two days of dating is not sincere. Also depends on age. If you haven't even entered high school yet, then I very much doubt there is love, sadly...


the 2nd night? obviously he doesnt love you after 2 nights.

and how long is 'a while'

this is going to turn into one of those 'i love you' relationships that end up in disaster.

you dont love him. youre telling me if, right now, he got in a car accident and became a quadriplegic and you had to mouth feed him for the rest of your life while your friends are out partying.....

i didnt think so.


I don't think it does. When my boyfriends made at me he will say "Luv ya" and its really annoying. I don't think it means the same thing as love, seriously.


It means that you dwell on things WAY too much.


i know you said you just want guys help but i dont care i wanna help i was the first to tell my bf i LOVE you and it was alot different because i tell my best friend i luv him just ask him dont be so shy about it