Need something flirty to say!?

im texting this guy right now that i really really really like whats something flirty that i can say to let him know i really like him alot


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if it goes quiet for awhile pick the convo with " Whats up Hotstuff?" then say that rhymes huh? or Ask to play 20 ?'s keep him entertained


take something simple, and turn it kinda dirty haha. like if you talk about your/his cat in a flirty way(if you have one that is)obviously he will refer that to something else. dont do it in a slutty way .. help with mine?;…


If you saw him today, tell him that he looks nice! Give him a complement! If you like him that much, ask him out! If he's single of course....


Did you fart? You are away to blow me


Your hott lets bang! LMAO JK! Or do you have a mirror in your pocket cuss I can see my self in your pants! XDD Dude really just be yourself! XDD


If he played a sport or something tell him he was the best one there. And also say "if i got a hundred hot guys, i would trade them for u"



talk to him alot, ask questions about him thats not too personal, and talk about things he is interested in.


You about to hop in the shower....wanna come?