What does it mean when a guy calls you beautiful?


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Well usually when a guy calls you beautiful it's better than when they call you hot or sexy, because beauty is skin deep. He sees you for how pretty you are on the outside and the inside.

Nov 3 at 7:9

i guess for me pretty means cute and you u think aww i love them

hot and sexy means more sexual and nothing really about them but there looks

but beautiful means that you think there good looking in the inside and out and is a very nice compliment

Nov 3 at 14:0

beautiful is good, to me you can use that adjective to describe many things.





superficial just about appearance


is a whole package, looks alone does not make a person sexy, attitude and confidence makes you sexy as well.

Nov 3 at 21:13

Beautiful means he really likes you...

You see hot, sexy and all that is only used for girls that guys would probably want for sex and such...

However when a guy calls a girl beautiful, or gorgeous... we truly mean it not just physically but about their whole person as a whole!

So he really likes you and truly does!

Nov 4 at 4:50

theres a big difference between all of them. especially between pretty and beautiful. pretty can be anything like u r calling ur friend pretty or somthing but beautiful can be referred to a guy to. beautiful or calling somone beautiful is a really sweet thing to sat but seriously u r only 14 so i would wait to get married. maybe just take it kinda slow for the next few years...

Nov 4 at 12:49

Pretty is just pretty, it's not a bad thing but lot's of girls can be pretty. Hot usually means he wants to do you and nothing more but if he doesn't just call you hot it's probably more that that like he may say you're beautiful but you could still be hot, sorry if it's confusing. Sexy means you turn him on a lot but you're also beautiful. Beautiful means beyond just pretty. It an vary depending on his current mood too.

Nov 4 at 21:12

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Nov 5 at 5:57

My bf calls me beautiful because the term "hot" makes us both uncomfortable. Beautiful is the same as pretty but more intense. Pretty is lle saying a little girl is cute only more mature. If your bf calls you beautiful you are very lucky, most guys go with hot

Nov 5 at 15:6