What does it mean when a girl touches her hair while talking to you?

This isn't the first time we've spoken before... we text every day too :)


She's into you.

Mar 26 at 18:55

Best to ask a girl tht mate haha

Sounds as though she likes you

Mar 26 at 22:42

she is most lilky flirting with you. ( watch her body laugage more, chances are she may like you)

Mar 27 at 2:51

She. Likes. You.

Mar 27 at 7:23

She probably likes you. Look for more signs like staring, smiling at you, always around you

Mar 27 at 12:18

Well could be just cause she wants to fix it. She's bored and playing with her hair OR if she seems nervous and keeps smiling while touching her hair it means she might have a thing for u

Mar 27 at 17:36

It means nothing! lol. I ALWAYS touch my hair! even when im not talking to anyone! lol. If she were like looking in your eyes a lot or looking at your lips then it'd mean something but touch her hair.....could mean nothing.

Mar 27 at 23:18

It means she's worrying about how her hair looks, which means in turn that there is reason why she is worried. That could be because she wants to make a good impression on you, or because she wants to look good for you.

The rest is up to you to figure out.

Mar 28 at 5:22