What's the best gift for a girl that's turning 18 years old?

i have been knowing this girl for 3months now, recently, we fell apart but she keeps in contact. i like her alot and her birthday is in 5 days and i know this is the perfect time giving her a gift to win her back but the problem is im not good at getting gifts


Get her either perfume or a really cute necklace.

You can never go wrong with jewelry!

Oct 4 at 11:44

5 male strippers...

and some lube.

Oct 4 at 15:30


100$ for a weekend

Oct 4 at 19:39

Depends on how old you are, and how long you been waiting for her to turn 18.

Oct 5 at 0:11

I know of the perfect gift, it's easy to do, just follow these steps:

1: cut a hole in a box!

2: put your junk in that box!

3: make her open the box


Oct 5 at 5:6