A good replacement for solemn and mirror?

I'm in desperate need for an solemn and mirror. It has to be affordable!


to replace mirror force for plants you can use wall of thorns, for normal monsters you can use just-ti break, for frogs you can use froggy shield and for solemn for plants you can use pollinosis, for psychics you can use mind over matter or for just spells and traps use dark bribes. hope this helps


ooo a replacement for mirror force n solemn? sheeze dats hard u can try lightning vortex for da mirror force though i try to avoid cards dat require me pitching a card to activate. but u can try 7 tools of the bandit. it isnt as hardcore as solemn but believe me trap cards sack hard n thats an out


the best replacement for solemn is dark bribe,

-it stop ur opponent from using a magic/trap and the only cost is they draw 1 card (much better than half of ur lifepoints)

and the best replacement for mirror is well torrential tribute.

-well it kills all monster before they attack

-But mirror is wayyy better, but if u need a cheaper way

-you should have both torrential and mirror if u want an competitive deck.


For Solemn Judgement, I use Jinzo and Imperial Order. Thing is... They can't be on the field at the same time as Imperial Order is a Trap, and Jinzo would negate it, and my deck works very well together. Mirror Force, you can use Magical Cylinders, or three Sakuretsu Armors.

For the Jinzo, Imperial Order strategy... You could use Amplifier (allows him to negate traps, but won't cancel out your own) on Jinzo, and set the Imperial Order Trap card. BUT each turn you leave Imperial Order on the field, you must give up 700 life points.

But its a good combo. Lasts a few turns, and the opponent cannot use spells OR traps, but you can't use spells. Only traps.


You absolutely need Solemn, and, sorry, but there's really nothing that can replace it. Plus, it's only 10 bucks. For Mirror Force, you don't need a replacement. Don't run it. Since with the new slower format, not as many decks swarm (with Lightsworns and Zombies getting hit really hard), so Mirror Force isn't really as effective as it used to be, and it's really not needed. Run 2 Royal Oppressions so your opponent can't swarm anyway (even if they run Blackwings or something else that swarms), and then you really won't need Mirror Force at all. I hope this helps!