Can i have a free imvu prepaid card code?

please if you have one email me at ive tried getting a job or someone else using there credit card or giving me money but all them say the same thing GET A JOB...!please i just need 2 codes please i would appreciate a good kid you know i get 90's on my report card i get alot of E's and S's on my report card just two codes


A fast free website to receive free IMVU credits legally is via PrizeRebel. This requires no Usernames NOR Passwords.

This website is 100% legit.

Simply sign up at:…

Now, to receive IMVU credits you have to complete surverys and offers to get points. 1 Point = 1USD. For an IMVU 10,000 Credits Card; You have to get 10 points. For a 25,000 IMVU Credits Card; You have to get 25 points.

So you may be thinking, how do I complete an offer? Good question! Log in to your prizerebel account. On the navigation bar click 'Offers'. Find any offer (Make Sure It's a Free One) Next to each offer should be a requirement EG: Sign Up For Bla Bla. Click the link to the offer [The picture] Sign up for the website. Then return to the prizerebel website and you should have received points. Next to each offer should be the amount of points you receive by completing it.

Once you have 10/25Points. Click 'View Available Prizes' Go to the Online Games section, find the IMVU Credits Card under it should be a button that says 'Click Here To Claim Prize'. Now you should receive the IMVU Credits card code in your Email Box within 1-2 days Maximum. This can also be repeated multiple times so don't worry ^^

And this website does NOT only distribute free IMVU credits, they also give Nexon Cash, Club Penguin Membership, Ebay/Amazon Items [Custom Prizes], Xbox360's, WII's, Nintendo Consoles. ETC! Join today it's easy and 100% FREE.


* Make a new email address to sign up because you may receive a lot of spam.

* SOME offers may ask for personal information, Just put in fake information and it wont really matter.


buy em' yourself! I have none on mine! besides I have a summer job and I'm 100% sure I'm younger than you!