Why do people waste their money playing the Lottery?

One might as well go to the bathroom and tear their money over a toilet and flush it. Waste of money and time.


Wow - what a pile of crap from most of these people.

Around 70 BILLION dollars is spent on lottery tickets each year! This makes the lottery business one of the largest businesses on the planet. It is bigger than the entire movie and music business combined.

There is nothing insignificant about what people are doing with "just a dollar" or "just a pound/Euro". The lottery is a TAX on the poor and on the ignorant. It's thinking "it's just a dollar" that keeps the 'poor' poor and the 'ignorant' ignorant.


Well some times you could win and get lucky.

And that gives some people hope


Utility. The utility of $1,000,000 is more than 1,000,000 times the utility of $1. That is why I play, but I don't play often and can afford it. It is just like any other form of gambling.


It's unlikely that you'll win yeah but look at all the people who have won. Even though it's a small chance people enjoy it. Some people know they won't win but buy one anyways just to have fun with it. It's only a dollar so it's not like they are giving up an LED tv to get a ticket, you know?


Sounds like a sore loser? You will go crazy in this world worrying about the "why". People know red meat is no good for them but you probably had some today? Why? Arnold, the ex-Cali gov, knew he was by nature polygamous but he married in a non-polygamous country/society! Why? People beat on horse races, the vast majority are only paying to feed the horses good quality hay, but they beat like an addiction. Why?

So save the "why" and go put a $1 on the big Lotto once a week! It costs you far less than the many in society whom spend money on dope, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and other peoples' mates weekly!


I have wondered this questions as well.

The chances of winning the lottery are so small.

If your going to play the lottery, save your cash that you would spend on lotto tickets and bring it to the casino.

Your chances of winning a porgressive jackpot or large jackpot are significantly greater at the casino than the lottery.

Progressive Slot machines work on a "network" as well so they can grow into the millions very quickly and easily.


The amount of money you spend is only £1, which is such a little amount that it constitutes basically no risk. The odds of winning are 1 in something like 13.7million, but people are willing to spend basically no money to have a tiny chance of winning some huge amount in return.

A maths teacher once did a calculation for how much on average you win/lose per time you play it, based on how much it costs to play with the odds of winning and the winning money, and it worked out on average you lose just 80p per game played.

losing 80p per week or so for a chance of winning millions, no matter how small the odds is enough to make the bet worthwhile.


People (especially poor people) become complacent in their situation, because of way society is, most people assume that where they are in life is where they'll be forever. So the thought of becoming rich overnight is appealing to some. Also, people have been tricked into thinking they actually have a chance to win. That's why its important for there to be a winner every now and then, and whenever there is they usually publicize it locally, because they want people to think there's a shot, when you're more likely to be struck by lightning a couple times than to win the lottery. People are saying "it's only a dollar" or whatever, but it's like a guaranteed loss of a dollar pretty much every time you play. Still a waste of time and money. Since people are going to play the lottery anyway however, I think they are good because they raise a lot of money for local government activities.