Are there any good suggestions for runescape bots out there?

Hey! Do any of you know any good Runescape Autobots that can do almost anything? Thanks.


i used's bots for a long time, contrary to what most RS players think the only way you can get caught with a bot is by leaving it running for a long time with out some sort of break handler turned on, even then if you play on a world where then don't speak English you can clam that you where not talking because you didn't know what they where saying.

Apr 7 at 7:36

there are expensive ones if you just google in and click on the first or second one or you could jimmyr some bad ones

Apr 7 at 11:22

Bots are not allowed in the game and you will be banned if you use one. Also, most sites that advertise them simply steal your log in information.

Apr 7 at 15:31

Yes, I do. All of them do the following things:

1. Get you banned.

2. Get you keylogged then hacked.

Pretty good if you wanna leave RS huh?

Apr 7 at 20:3

dont get bots. they usually dont work and if runescape catches you with a bot you get banned for a long time. Runescape is now really good at detecting bots. I would advise you not to use a bot and just play the game. dont try to cheat.

Apr 8 at 0:58