What is the best NON-LEGENDARY team for pokemon Black/White?

Looking for pokemon with good stats, not so much type match ups ect. Also not bothered about location, I can trade them over from friends game. Thank you!


two best non legendary pokemon from gen 5 would be hydreigon and Emboar!

Mar 31 at 13:32

Thanks =)anymore suggestions?

Mar 31 at 17:18

i have thundurus and tornadus. you can use them both. zoroark is good too if you can get one. there are a lot of breeders out there like me! mienshao is a good fighting type and one you probably want to have. instead of emboar you can use Volcarona! for your ground type you can use an excadrill which also includes stell, making it imune to including hydreigon instead of excadrill or volcanora would be good but i recomend keeping volcanora in your team.hope this helps!:)

Mar 31 at 21:27