Whats the best way to get high off xanax?

Like should I chew them up and swallow them or should i just pop them?


just pop it. chewing it and then swallowing it would leave a horrible taste in your mouth and it would have the sane effects of just popping it. its best to do that drug with friends cuz i did it once at home and took a 13 hour nap.


I think you should be doing more important things with your time than getting high.


well if your new to xanex try .75(a seventy fifth of a milligram)

1. crush up the xanex with a hammer

2. swallow the powder (this will save you from chewing it witch might hurt your teeth)

3. Enjoy the buzzzzzzzz


If you want to make it kick in faster, parachute it. Crush it up and put it inside a torn off piece of napkin. The napkin will open in your stomach and it will all dissolve quickly.