How to make your teeth crooked so you get braces?

I want braces but dont need them please help!


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Suck your thumb.


Go boxing


Why would you want to do that? You can have my wonky teeth if you like!


you cant and why would you want them they suck and are so expensive, i have them and my parents would buy me a lot more if i didnt have them!


I hope the hand on face artist sees this. Some time in the future I will be writing a book. Your question will be in it. For that you get a star.


why would you wanna do that?

Try i think its called retainer or something like that..its not braces. Google it up. Braces look ugly anyways...i dont recommend it cuz you'll slober all over the place!


You can't. I remember going through a year where i was desperate for braces. But i had even teeth so there was no chance. I soon got over it , especially when a friend got them and she informed me how painful they could be!


You really want crocked teeth.

It's disgusting having crocked teeth.

I need braces but not badly you can hardly tell what I need fixing.

I remember wanting braces so much when I was younger but now I am older (14 yrs) I really dont want them. I wish I had straight perfect teeth naturally.