I just swallowed a tiny bit of Listerine?

like as much as a penny at the most will i be ok?


If you just swallowed a little bit you will be fine. Reasons they tell you not to drink listerine is because it has fluoride in it. An overdose(which you'd have to greatly exceed a sip) would cause some stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and cramping. Listerine also has alcohol in it, but only as much as something like nyquil. Say you swigged at it, you might feel a little tipsy, but you'll be fine to drive. ;)

If you did to the doctors for fluoride overdose you might get a glass of milk because it's harder to absorb Fluoride with that in your system. However if you were convulsing, they would induce vomiting.

You will be fine, you will burp fresh breath at the worst.

Sep 14 at 15:19

drink lots of water and try and pee it out :p

Sep 14 at 19:5

youll be fine lmoaoooaoaoaoaooaoaoaaoa

Sep 14 at 23:14

That will not hurt you one bit lol

Sep 15 at 3:46

you will be fine it says on the bottle if more than what is used for rinsing like half a bottle youd get sick you will be ok lol

Sep 15 at 8:42