Filling came out after Root Canal?

I had a root canal procedure done a few weeks back. Yesterday I started getting this god awful taste in my mouth. After having my parents look at it, they could see that the filling came out of it, and they can see the hole in my tooth.

Let me tell you, it tastes so nasty, and I've used up a whole bottle of mouth wash since yesterday. I made an appointment with my dentist for wednesday, but is there anything I should know/do?

Any help would be appreciated


Hello. Sounds like the filing was improperly put in and it also sounds like you have an infection down in the core of the tooth. In the mean time while waiting to see the dentist, just rinse with warm salt water. Good luck and I wish you well.

The Denture Pro.


ok first of all yes eww thats gross and i dont blame ya and yes see yoru dentist soon as you can they will probably have to give you another root canal or replace ti with a crown relax and and be very very careful when eating dont eat on it eat soft foods like potatoes and yogurt jello jsut be super careful till you can see yoru dentist good luck


Your dentist should have agreed to see you immediately on an emergency basis.

After the amount of tooth the dentist had to remove while doing the root canal, every day spent with that part of the tooth exposed risks an infection bad enough to claim the whole tooth.

If you really cannot get to the dentist any sooner than Wednesday, there is a product called Tempanol that allows you to make a temporary filling that should hold you until then. You should be able to find it at most drugstores.


The filling that came out is indeed a temporary filling. You should have seen your dentist for the permanent filling. If the root canal was done on an anterior tooth, you can have a composite filling done. If the root canal treatment was completed on a posterior tooth, you will need a crown or cap to protect the brittle tooth. You don't want to wait until Wednesday to see your dentist. Bacterial contamination from saliva can ruin the root canal. I would suggest you get into to see them today or see the endodontist that did the root canal. You don't want to waste your parents money. The bad taste could be from bacterial contamination, medicaments meant to kill bacteria or the taste of the temporary filling material. If your dentist can't get you in today, find another to see you.