How do you pull a tooth out yourself?

I'm a poor college student and can't afford to go to the dentist. I have a baby molar that never fell out because I never grew a tooth underneath. I got fillings put in it a couple of years ago, and part of it fell out, now the whole tooth is rotting.





String and a door. . .


FInd a free/cheap clinic im sure if you live in a college town theres gotta be one somewhere, search for a community clinic those are usually free doing it yourself could just make it worse


A trusted friend to help, just in case things go awry, a bottle of tequila(this is going to hurt....bad), and some needle nose pliers, and no beer for two weeks after, this is due to bacteria cultures in the beer that could give you an infection. Rinse at least a couple times daily with mouth wash, nothing Fancy, store Brand rinses are fairly cheap.

Don't forget the booze though, you will need it.


NOT worth trying to do this yourself! First of all, it will hurt like he.ll. Secondly, baby teeth have skinny roots which will break off in the bone if you grab the tooth with pliers...... meaning you will end up at the Dentist anyway and the broken roots will cost you twice what you would have paid in the first place. The person who said to find a local clinic gave you the only good answer...before this one ;-) Make SURE you say you are in pain...they will not turn you down. Ask the nurse at your school for a referral. If she doesn't have one, find out where the folks go in your City who are on welfare. You will not be refused care if you are "in pain." Don't put it off any longer, or you run the risk of ending up with an abcess. Good luck!