My braces wire is cutting me! Anything I can do for it?

My braces wire is cutting into my right cheek and leaving a deep indentation. It hurts, especially when I talk or eat things that are salty. Is there anything I can do to make it stop cutting my cheek and make the irritation go away?


For now, you can put wax over the wire or brackets. To get rid of the irritation, you can rinse your mouth with salt water; one tablespoon of salt to one cup of water. And rinse your mouth pretty often, it helps; kind of like when you get a tooth pulled, it helps stop the bleeding, and kills germs.


if its the wires at the very back soak a pair of nail clippers in alcohol and then clipp it and call ur orthos. ir its the brackets (LIKE ME) use wax. (its annoying though)


Use bonjela it works perfectly! Also ask your orthodontist for the wax which u stick on ur braces to stop it from digging into you you should be able to buy the wax in drug stores also its perfect for sleeping


put dental wax over the part of the braces cutting you, origel on the cut

eventually your cheek will get used to it, kinda like a callus on your hands


Well, it's sort of your orthodonist's fault for not putting stoppers on the end of the wires. They're little square things that are specifically designed for keeping it from cutting into your cheek, so if you have an upcoming appoinment, ask about them, or if you don't, call them. Mine and my friends orthdonist ALWAYS puts on stoppers.

And I always thought that the wax was only for putting on your brackets, not on the end of the wire.