How much weight did you lose being bulimic?

What kind of bulimic were you? What was your daily routine? How much weight did you lose?


Bulimia is used to maintain you current weight.

I think bulimia is disgusting, and for people without self control...although it's good when you want you want to binge, but don't want to face the scale in the morning!

I think bingeing and purging is a really bad habit to get into. I did it for years, I'm not skinny, I eat 200-400 cal a see results a lot faster..going the ana route.

I kind of use bingeing and purging as a 'treat' eat, and throw up. Do it right after you binge, and it tastes almost just as good coming back up.

When I did do it...I would eat a lot....drink lots of water...(purging is easier this way)...remove the plug from my sink, and my index finger and middle finger would meet the back of my throat. Brush my teeth and wash my face...and I was on my merry way.

Hope this helps=)


how could you want to be bulimic its a illness not a lifestyle choice!

and tbh i didnt lose anything it really just maintained my weight (5'6 110lbs) soon lose your willpower and have no control over may even gain some weight cause there will be some times when you are out with family (and you binge) and cant right and exericse you will lose more and its healthier for you.


Actually, most people who have bulimia are average weight & very sad people. I had bulimia (and still have reoccuring episodes) for 5 years. I didn't lose ANY weight while I was on my binge/purge sprees (which means you gorge yourself with food and then throw up). Even when I ate normally & threw up, I lost very little weight. Bulimia is NOT the way to go to lose weight. You will keep pushing yourself & eventually just begin throwing up blood. I am speaking from experience & because I would not want anyone to put themselves through the LIFE LONG experience in attempt to lose weight. Eating disorders usually aren't about weight loss -- there is a deeper issue within yourself you must resolve.

If you want to lose weight .. eat the food you normally do & incorporate some healthier items -- but remember, SMALLER portions. Exercise! Exercise doesn't mean hours at the gym, it could simply mean walking around or whatever you prefer. Drink lots of water & cut out that sugary soda! Bulimia isn't easy & it isn't something anyone should "choose" to become. Lose weight the right way -- save yourself & your throat being torn up by acidic stomach juices. Throat cancer is no fun.

Being slim is great, but your body just won't feel right & healthy if you try to lose weight like that. I started going to the gym & eating healthy & focusing on better things in life & I've lost 17 pounds ! 5'2" & 104, while I was bulimic, I was 121 pounds.


If you are really considering that you are an idiot. Bulimia will make you loose a ton because if you stick with it it will kill you. Once you start throwing up eventually the natural fluid that protects your throat from your stomach acid will stop working and you will start to burn away your esophagus. Then your teeth will start to rot out from the stomach acid which is a very attractive look and eventually you will create an automatic reflex that will cause you to vomit after you eat whether you want to or not. So go right on ahead and try it. You will end up skin and bones or more like just bones.


only like 5 pounds not at all worht all the harm it does to your body


i didnt loose hardley any actually my weight varried one day to the next!

I would eat all i could, puke, eat more, puke! that was my daily routine over and over! its not fun and i dont advise it!