If i eat nothing but protein shakes and protein bars will i lose weight?

i need to lose weight because i will be joining the air force with in a year and as the question says will i lose weight that way


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Protein is a key ingredient for building muscle. If you lift weights, do push ups, do sit ups every single day, yes you will lose weight. Be sure to take a multivitamin pill everyday( Megamen works really good). Heres a good example: Think of protein as supplies for building a shed, your given the materials to build it but you need to put hard work into it.


Ok , lets think this through. For starters , most protein bars and shakes contain numerous amounts of carbs and calories. Which means you would be going against your goal in first place.

I would also like to introduce you to my friend Rabdomyolosis, and the fact your kidneys cannot process ever so much protein without renal failure. My advice is to reconsider your thoughts , consider a nice healthy diet , maybe low carb high protein but keep in some carbs. Also if your doing this to join the airforce, you may also want to consider throwing in some runs and get actively pting.


I don't know about the shakes and bars, but my guess is no. However I've done (and still currently doing) this atkins diet: where it's low on carbs. Its not eliminating them all for good, just the first 2 weeks you lower your carb intake to 25 grams per day, and then you increase that to 5g every week. You can find everything you need to know on their site. Most of my family uses this diet and it really works :D Also, regular exercise helps a lot.

Good luck in the air force :)


It would be healthier to incorporate some fruits, vegetables and whole-grains into your diet. Carbs are important because without them we wouldn't have energy. If you eat lean protein like chicken breast, turkey and fish you will also loose weight. It's just as efficient as a protein shake and I'm sure it tastes better! Cardio exercise like running, biking or swimming will make you loose a lot of weight. Green tea & coffee also boosts your metabolism and helps you hit the gym harder. Just make sure you stay hydrated with lots of water!


You will but will also be in less fit shape than you were before, we get enough protein from meat alone. You're just taking in too much protein and not getting the nutrients you should be getting from actual food.

If you want to join the Air Force eat a normal diet, drinking protein has only negative effects especially if you're just drinking it as a food source.

And BTW the Military doesn't care if you're fat, as long as you're willing to work they will let you in. I known Obese people join the military and slim down.


Don't do it, your body will be in bad shape and you won't make it into the air force because of that. Look on google for resources that teach about portion control, low-fat and low-carb diets, and healthy eating. Start a regular exercise routine.

Even if you lost weight eating just protein shakes/bars, you will gain it all back as soon as you start eating regular food again.




Definitely. Trust me, it will work. But then again if the protein shakes or bars have a lot of fat in them... Then that's different.