Is 175 pounds fat for a woman?

Me and my roommate had a debate over this and its bugging me. I claim 175 pounds is too much weight for a woman to not be considered fat. He claims he has seen a woman who weighs around 175, and is not fat, due to her having a ot of muscle. My counter claim to that is that in that case, the woman would not be appealing to most guys because it would be too much muscle and look masculine to most men. Just so you know, he said she is taller than him, but not as tall as me. He is around 5'7 and I am 6', so 5'9-5'10 would be a fair guess for her.

Reason I think he is bullshi**** me is because I weigh about 175, am 6', and have a good amount of muscle on my frame and I seriously doubt a woman can be 5'9-5'10 and hide 175 pounds without being bulky and/or fat.


175 pounds for a woman is fat. If it's all muscle then she'll look like those disgusting female bodybuilders and have a deep voice due to all the steriods. So either way she'd be gross.


At exactly 5 feet tall you should weigh 100 lbs, Add 5 lbs to every inch higher then that.


Those numbers put this woman at a Body Mass Index of 25 plus. Overweight.

Dropping to 150 gives a healthy BMI of around 22. Mid range for healthy weight.…


If you're that tall then you're not fat and it's not going to appear that you are fat or bulky..

the taller you are the more you can weigh.

I know someone who is like 5.5, weighs 175 and isn't fat:)


For a woman at 5'9 or 5'10 175 does not seem fat. My husband weighs 170 he is 5'9 and he is very thin with little muscle. Well he is in the army and he is a runner, so he does have muscle, it's just that he doesn't have like bulging biceps or anything like that. Women also have boobs and extra cushion. At the same time my best friend is 5'9 as well she was a solid 155 in H.S. and was normal, she is now 135 and pretty skinny, so I guess 175 might be just a little fluffy.