How can i make my heart stop beating fast when i smoke marijuana?

My heart didnt used to beat fast when i smoked weed and now it does for some reason its like my heart feels like tightish and weird but yea im not gunna smoke for a while and start exersising because i REALLY do not do ANY of that like miles walked a day is probobly zero but yea is there anything else i should do?(please dont write an assinine answer saying quit weed forever its bad unless its the truth and you have facts not propaganda to back it up)


smoke less of it and let your body build up a tolerance so you do not have really fast heart rates, do not hold in the smoke for long, this may reduce the fast heart rate, but still hold it in for 3 sec min. also smoking different strains may help, for example indica probably wont make your heart rate as high as sativa.

the main reason your heart rate is up is kinda that you are scared of your high, once you learn to accept the high more, your heart rate will be slower.


first dont stop smoking haha and second you heart isnt really beating faster but in your mind it is just relax and calm down and enjoy gods green gift to earth


"How can I make my heart stop beating fast when I smoke marijuana?" Honestly, stop smoking marijuana. Tachycardia (a fast heartbeat) and possibly even cardiac arrhythmias/dysrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) come with smoking marijuana and quite a few, if not all, drugs. It's just a side effect of something unnatural in your body (just because it comes from a plant and is "natural" doesn't mean it's good for you or that it's "natural" to be eating; for example, hemlock is a plant, but is so poisonous that a single one can kill a horse, and was often used in executions hundreds of years ago. It was a slow, extremely painful death. But it was a plant, part of nature; it's just not natural to EAT that on free will). While you will find that it is rated as one of the "least dangerous" drugs out there, that doesn't mean that it ISN'T dangerous. For example, compare a tarantula, a black widow, and a daddy longlegs. Just because a daddy longlegs comes in as "least dangerous" in the group, it still has - and uses - venom. In fact, smoking is the most dangerous way you can inhale marijuana. While not 100% scientifically proven, marijuana is also correlated to (meaning that there is enough evidence to assume, but not scientifically state) anxiety, psychosis, and depression. It is also statistically associated with mental disorders including schizophrenia. Sometimes stroke may occur, but there is no current scientific backing on that either.

In general, there needs to be a lot more study on the effects of cannabis, but even from seeing these correlations, I hope you sincerely change your mind about what you are doing to your body.



Your problem could be a different strain of weed. You where probably use to one kind and now your probably smoking a stronger or lower quality bud or something...

Try out different kinds (if you can), But I definitely had the same problem as you did,... some weed makes you more paranoid then others and your heart will beat faster,... besides, i always like to think when my heart beats faster that im loosing weight! lol well it is cardio!



You don't want anyone to tell you to quit smoking pot, but what else can you really do? You can't change how your body reacts to it, so what choice is there? Either quit doing it or deal with it. That's it.

Do keep up your exercising; that's very good for you, but it still won't change how change how your body reacts to pot.


I doubt your heart beating faster is your real problem if you smoke weed, dude.