Can you get a pedicure with a wart?

I have a wart on the sole of my foot it's been there for a while and hasn't spreed. I want to get a pedicure before school starts. I've never had one before, but I'm nervous that they might not let me because of my wart.


Are you sure it's a wart, and not just a callus? Warts will have circles/specks of dried blood in the centers of them, and might be callused around. Calluses are just big big sections of tough, dead skin.

While I'm sure it wouldn't be very nice for the pedicurist, I don't think there are any rules against getting a pedicure with a plantar wart. As long as your nail-care specialist doesn't make the wart bleed, they shouldn't contract the virus within. Although if it is a wart you've got, Compound-W Freeze works wonders.


yeah it called laser surgy cause my causin had one her face